Theo Potmeer

Theo Potmeer, born in 1942 in ‘s-hertogenbosch. He graduated from the Academy of Industrial and Graphic Arts in Eindhoven in 1971.

He has worked with Cor Unum from 1971 till his retirement in 2002. Theo was head of the graphic development department of Cor Unum. He took care of the presentations at the fairs and he was the contactperson for all the designers. Theo designed a lot of business to business gifts for different organisations and companies that worked with Cor Unum.

One of his well known gifts was the “vase Schaas” for The Jeroen Bosch hospital in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
His special cup is still very much a part of the Cor Unum Collection.

Theo passed away in 2008.

by Theo Potmeer