About Cor Unum

Cor Unum 

Cor Unum is a ceramic art centre founded and based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We produce ceramics designed by leading international designers, architects and visual artists. Cor Unum takes social and cultural resposibility for the legacy of the ceramic crafts.

Our mission is brought to the market through a team consisting of professionals, students, volunteers, people with distance from the labour market and designers. They all share one common passion: everyone deserves a place, everyone has got a talent and anyone can contribute to make the world somewhat nicer. Cor Unum is directed by Charlotte Landsheer.

The cross fertilization between professional designers of our time, the knowledge of the craft of ceramic artcenter Cor Unum and the talent trained on art schools in the Netherlands, will increasingly result in innovative products, new design traditions and fruitful collaboration between independent artists and the ceramic production process.

Implicity this is the ambition of Cor Unum and it illustrates how designers of our time prefer to work: in co-creation in order to inspire new shapes and designs. This results in Cor Unum being the linking pin of a movement that guarantees a meaningful role for the traditional ceramic craft in state-of-the-art design. 

Mobile Gallery

The objects of the most talented Dutch designers, with whom we work in co-creation, join us when visiting national and international design fairs and – events. In and around the Cor Unum Mobile Gallery the unique products designed by the avant-garde of the Dutch Designers is being presented:

Mae Engelgeer, Jeroen Wand, Floris Hovers, Floris Wubben, Roderick Vos, Alex de Witte, David Derksen and Kranen/Gille.

They all have an ambition in common with Cor Unum (which means ‘all of one heart): to explore the possibilities of the ceramic production process.
They all are continuously in search of innovation within
the ceramic craft. They all know there’s still a world to win when it comes to expressing designs in ceramics. And their designs are the main passengers of our Mobile Gallery.