Sofie Boonman


Sofie Boonman (1978) graduated cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (2002). Sofie works independently and commissioned from her studio in Eindhoven. Commissioned she worked for Microsoft Amsterdam, the Municipality of Helmond and the City of Maastricht. With the three models of ‘Voelvorm' (3 memory objects / mini urns) she won two International Funeral Awards (2009).

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Sofie. A logical source of inspiration too, because every part of nature automatically aesthetically and functionally meets the requirements of its environment. Sofie works from an organic form language combined with contrasting geometric lines and structures. The contrast of natural elements and arts and crafts versus industrial and digital techniques and structures can be seen regularly in her work. It is an interaction between extremes, something that makes her designs exciting and special.

The structure of the Hanging vase was created with a computer controlled cutter. By allowing the cutter to take larger steps than necessary for a 'smooth’ shape, structure arises. Like the little blocks in an image with not enough pixels. The visualization of this technique is combined with casting production characteristics of ceramics; the seams of two mold parts are obviously visible and the cast house became the collar at the opening for the flowers. This vase shows perfection and imperfection of different techniques. The design of the Hanging vase is a tribute to the executive techniques, new and old, as a work of art on your wall.

by Sofie Boonman